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Yale School of Public Health Dean Dr. Paul D. Cleary Presented the 74th Master Distinguished Lecture
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On April 5th, Dr. Paul D. Cleary gave an excellent lecture under the title ofEssential Lessons from U.S.Efforts to Reform Health Careas the guest of the 74thMaster Distinguished Lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Cleary gave the audience a big picture of the medical reform in the United States by showing them video on this topic. 



He began the lecture in a round of warm applause. Firstly, he introduced status quo of the medical reform in the States, followed by a diagrammatical comparison of merits and demerits of the medical care system in China and the United States. Then, he analyzed the cause of the defects of the American model and their significance to today’s society. The humorousand witty delivery of Dr. Cleary brought rounds of laughter to the hall. 



Towards the end of the lecture, the student organization committee of Master Distinguished Lecture sent an elaborate clay sculpture as a souvenir to professor Cleary, expressing sincere gratitude and warm wishes to him. Prof. Cleary left his handprints and inscription and took a group photo with students who worked for this forum to mark the occasion. 

Lecturer’s Profile:

Paul D. Cleary is the Dean of Yale Schoolof Public Health and a member of the Academy of Medicine in the United States.He has served as editor of the Milbank Quarterly and associate editor of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 

Paul D. Cleary’s earliest work focused on studies of health behavior. He also studied the recognition and management of conditions such as mental illness and functional impairment, and for more than 20 years,Dr. Cleary has been actively involved in research focused on persons infected with HIV. In 2002, he received the Distinguished Investigator Award from the Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy. In 2010, Dr. Cleary was awarded the Picker Award by the Picker Institute. 

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