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National highest Science and Technology Awards Laureate Wang Zhenyi Presented the 75thMaster Distinguished Lecture
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On April 6th, when Shanghai JiaoTong University is about to celebrate its 120thanniversary, Wang Zhengyi, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the recipient of the 2010 National Highest Science and Technology Awards in China, shared his personal story of “becoming an doctor”.



Welcomed by warm applause from the audience, Wang Zhenyi took the floor. He said, “One who wants to be a doctor should have a benevolent heart of a sage. A doctor should have his commitment.”In his eyes, the ultimate ideal of a doctor is “follow to the righteous road of life”. He shared two real cases in his career and the moving thank-you letters,which showed the meaning and value of being a doctor. 



Next, Wang Zhengyi shared his insights on how to become a doctor. He said that doctors need to cultivate “ethics”, and hone their skills and learn consistently, only by doing so, one can realize the ideal of being a good doctor. Wang Zhengyi took an example of his own student,offered the audience his suggestions on how to choose research orientation andtopic of their dissertation. He advocated that post-graduate students should be critical, make their own analysis and form their own judgment on the questionsfrom their mentors, and make modifications on the research along the way. Wang Zhenyi pointed out that, hurdles are to be expected not only on the road to be a doctor but also in all kinds of pursuits. Early on his research work, he encountered insufficient funding, lack of recognition for his achievement, just to name a few, which didn’t stop him from being positive and patient. He said that one can only achieve something when he sees opportunities and honors properly and keep positive and patient. 



At last, Wang Zhenyi commented on the rising tension between doctors and patients. All the medical systems in the world have defects to be fixed, even the developed countries are no exception,as the medical cost of patients in the United States and Britain can be too high. He called for the shared efforts from all aspects of the society to ease the now strained tension between doctors and patients.  

Lecturer’s Profile: 

Wang Zhenyi, is currently a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a foreign member of the French Academy of Sciences, the recipient of 2010 National Highest Science and Technology Awards in China. He also acted as the president of Shanghai Second Medical University,the Director of Shanghai Institute of Hematology (SIH) and currently the Honorary Director of SIH. He was also the vice chief editor of theChinese Hematological Journal.

He is a world-renowned hematologist. He is the trailblazer of the clinical research system of thrombus and hemostasis in China; he successfully a new therapy to treat leukemia by inducing malignant cells to benign ones, and built the clinical basis for inducing differentiation theory. He established the all trans retinoic acid (ATRA) therapy to treatacute promyelocytic leukemia and elucidated its genetic foundation and molecularmechanism, making a successful example of combining theory with clinical application. 

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