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Notice on Courses Enrollment for Full-time International Graduate Students in Spring Semester,2017-2018
Date:2018-01-04 Clicks:

1.Courses Enrollment Guidance

Please login in graduate education management system to enroll the course and the class. The first enrollment period is from 10:00 a.m., Jan 3 to 20:00 p.m., Jan 14, 2018.

2.General Courses Arrangement

(1) English for Academic Purpose (FL28002)

Minhang Campus: totally 13 teaching classes for international students, class code FL28002180200000M56~68. 

Xuhui Campus: totally 6 teaching classes for international students, class code FL2800218020000X19~X24. 

(2) Biostatistic (MA26080)

Minhang campus: class code MA26080180200000M01 (Teaching language is English). 

(3) Scientific Writing,Integrity and Ethics (GS00001)

Course Schedule: from the 9th to 16th teaching week in spring semester. 

The class in English is arranged in Minhang Campus. 

Enroll Period: please follow the notice on Graduate School website in the spring semester. 

(4) Introduction of Chinese Culture (G090510)

There are 3 classes in Xuhui campus (2 for English taught, 1 for Chinese taught). Graduate School will arrange the students into different teaching classes. For special cases, please contact Academic Affairs Office (Ms. Jiang). Add: RM337, Chen Riuqiu BLD, Minhang campus. Tel:34206121 

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