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Whole heartedly Cultivate Creativity of Post Graduate ?Students -- SJTU Held 2016 Spring Postgraduate Education Conference
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At the afternoon of March 2nd,SJTU held 2016 Spring Postgraduate Education Conference in Minhang Campus.President Zhang Jie, vice president Xu Xuemin, members of the Steering Committee of Postgraduate Education, Student Affairs Steering Committee, Foreign Student Development Centre and more than leaders of more than 40 schools and departments, the faculty and the entire staff of the Graduate School attended the meeting. The Deputy Dean of the Graduate School Wang Yaguang chaired the meeting.





Zhang Jie start a speech from the theme of winter vacation retreat "Reflection and Prospect – The Road of First-class University".He stressed the construction of postgraduate education is one of the most important tasks in building a world-class university, and we needed to reflecton the problems in current postgraduate education in order to explore future paths and strategies. He also said that innovative universities are the source of the driving force of a innovative country, so Shanghai Jiao Tong University shoulda ctively build "excellent innovative systems in cultivating talents, in science and technology, in cultural heritage and in serving the society", to which good graduate education is the key. Zhang Jie focused on the status quo of graduate school education in SJTU and its development in recent years, recognized the progress in quality of candidates and research outcomes, but that we still needed to enhance the quality of education. Graduate Education should encourage students to think, innovate, and stimulate students' creative potential. To become an excellent university, it is necessary for departments to improve every link of postgraduate education. 



Wang Yaguang addressed the meeting with the vision and detailed work arrangements for the graduate students enrolled in2016. He highlighted the work in the following aspects: promotion of the"Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and "Two First-Class", improvement of the structure and scale of graduate students, selection and admission of quality graduate candidates, benchmarking with the curriculum of world-class universities and disciplines. In addition, optimizing quality control system in postgraduate education, establishing a scientific evaluation system for postgraduateeducation, promoting discipline construction, cultivating academic integrity,improve and upscale service, deepening comprehensive reform on professional diploma education and establishment of academic honors system. Lastly, he said that in order to complete these tasks, each school or department should take initiatives to make practical and viable plans. Finally, he described the vision that "research and education complement each other, internal autonomy and external cooperation integrate, and the coordinated development of academic degrees and professional degrees, as well as the culture of students strives to go beyond the teaching of their mentors". 

At the meeting vice director of the Materials Science and Engineering Zhu Shenmin was invited to give a speech. She started from her experience on how the teaching committee of each school can play key roles in curriculum reform and doctoral diversion, excellent engineer training, international cooperation and other aspects to discuss "how to identify the current situation and find the right path for postgraduate education". She said,Materials Science school gives full play to the experts, and the link up bachelor,master and doctorate education to strengthen top-level design, learn from first-class foreign universities’ curriculum based on subject characteristics and constructed systematic engineer training. The school established strict quality control, such a strict qualification system, and doctoral selection mechanism.It also invites industry experts to be directly involved in the recruitment and curriculum development, strengthening the professional learning and business practices to train high-level engineers with international competitiveness. Through increased publicity efforts, it improves teachers' enthusiasm to recruit foreign students. It also has established and constantly been improving professional courses in English teaching, among other initiatives, to continue to strengthen international cooperation and deepen international education standards. 



Finally, Xu Xuemin pointed out in the summary that postgraduate education is the key to innovation-driven development strategy and the postgraduate students are the main stay of innovation withinfirst-class universities. How to improve the level of postgraduate education is a universal issue and challenge facing Chinese universities, and that each worker must think about it. She stressed that the mentor’s own research should be at the international forefront and active in the international academicarena, while creating a relaxed academic atmosphere is the key to cultivate students’ critical thinking and innovative capacity. Therefore, a mentor honoring system will be the most important of recent task, and she hopes that the Graduate School in collaboration with faculties together can strive to build the system, and bring the postgraduate’s innovation capacity to a higher level in the near future. 



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